International cooperation in research has been an integral part of the European Union research funding since the 4th Framework Programme (1994-1998).  Since the 7th Framework Programme 2007-2013 (FP7the  European Commission funded not only research and innovation projects, but consortiums that materialized the bi-regional coordination of S & T cooperation, including priority setting and the support of the S & T policy dialogue (e.g. ALCUE NET project, coordinated by Argentina) and the coordination of international research cooperation programmes and activities (e.g. ERANet-LAC, coordinated by Germany and EULAC Health, coordinated by Spain), among others.

These projects have contributed to fostering the bi-regional relations by organizing and implementing concrete joint activities and by facilitating the implementation of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation and the EU-CELAC Knowledge Area.

We would like to share several documents developed by these projects, convinced that they will be interesting for those willing to learn more on the EU-CELAC bi-regional relations on science and innovation.

These documents are:

  • The "EU-CELAC Roadmap", developed by ERANet-LAC, describing concrete steps for the coordination and realization of joint activities among research and innovation funding agencies in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the EU, beyond the lifetime of the ERANet-LAC. To secure a smooth and sustainable cooperation, this roadmap also includes aspects on lessons learnt and best practices achieved in coordination actions, joint calls or in a staff exchange programme. In addition, it examines the process of integrating new partner countries, the identification and selection process of thematic areas and topics and successful ways of trust building among a highly heterogeneous group of international partners;
  • The “Strategic Roadmap for the EU-CELAC Joint Initiative on Health research and innovation”, developed by the project EU-LAC Health to enhance and coordinate the scientific collaboration between Europe and LAC in the field of health;
  • A foresight study regarding the EU-CELAC relations, undertaken by the partners of the project ALCUE NET, with the help of ERANet-LAC, setting a “Scenario-Vision” to guide policy definitions destined to create joint capacities for facing future challenges. It is also intended to motivate actors to mobilize further efforts and resources for the bi-regional cooperation.
  • Finally, the “Policy recommendations on innovation collaboration between the EU and CELAC”, a report prepared on the conclusions reached on the Innovation Forum, organised 2016 with the collaboration of ERANet-LAC and the ELAN Network.