Joint actions

The EU-CELAC Interest Group organizes joint activities inviting all funding agencies from both regions wishing to collaborate in science, technology and innovation.

The Interest Group builds on the long-standing collaboration experience and mutual trust established in past and ongoing projects (e.g. ERANet-LAC).

The ERANet-LAC project and the EU-CELAC Interest Group, have launched a new Joint Call on the 20th of November to enhance the bi-regional cooperation in science, technology and innovation.

The final submission of proposals is the 8th of March 2018.


Partnering Platform:  A tailor-made partner search tool will help you to identify potential project partners​. Link:

Online Submission tool: All proposals must be submitted through the Online Submission Tool set up specifically for this joint call​. Link:

Contact: For general questions and further information about the call. Link:


National Funding Rules

Check the table below for the national funding regulations that apply to your country. Please be aware that, depending on the number of funding parties, there can be more than one set of funding rules per country.

Please also be aware that – especially in the early days of the call – some national funding rules might not yet be available and/or may be updated later. We recommend to check back here frequently.


The ERANet-LAC Project organised two Joint Calls on Research and Innovation of programme owners in the Member States of the European Union (MS), the Associated Countries to the 7th Framework Programme (AC), the Latin-American and the Caribbean Countries.

The main data of both Calls are:

1st Joint Call 

Call opened: 16.09.2014  Call closed: 27.11.2014

  • Number of submitted projects: 90
  • Number of funded projects: 14
  • Total granted budget for all projects:7.6 M€
  • Self-financed budgets for all  projects: 2 M€
  • Number of participating countries: 16
  • Number of participating funding organizations: 20
  • The topics funded included Biodiversity/Climate Change, Bioeconomy, Energy and Health.


2nd Joint Call 

The design of the 2nd ERANet-LAC Joint Call was of a flexible nature to ensure that a wide variety of funding institutions was able to join the Joint Call, and that as many researchers as possible from European, Latin-American and Caribbean countries were eligible for funding. For this reason, each participating funding institution applied its individual national/ regional funding regulations. Applicants were therefore asked to check the national /regional regulations of their funding organisations before the submission of a proposal.

  • Call opened: 01.12.2015 Call closed: 10.03.2016
  • Total number of projects submitted: 170
  • Number of funded projects: 27
  • The total granted budget for all 27 projects amounts to: 12.7 M€
  • The self-financed budgets for all 27 projects amounts to: 5.8 M€
  • Number of participating countries: 22
  • Number of participating funding organizations: 26

The projects addressed the thematic fields of Bioeconomy, Health, Biodiversity and Energy.