Valorization of residual biomass for advanced 3D materials

Publishable summary: 

The main objective of the ValBio3D project is to develop sustainable and 100% biobased composites based on agroindustrial residues, addressing the bioeconomy of the future. Importantly, environmental performance is a significant driver for an increase use of biobased composites in the future. Hence, a comprehensive analysis of the environmental impacts of biobased composites covering the entire lifecycle will thus be implemented.

The project will consist of the following subgoals:

  1. Develop novel routes for production of a bioplastic based on agroindustrial residues
  2. Develop processes for production of sustainable nanofibres suitable as reinforcement of bioplastics in
    1. structured biocomposites and as a main component in bioapplications
    2. Develop novel routes for functionalizing nanofibres and bioplastic for optimal adhesion in the biocompounds
  3. Develop prototype biocomposites based on 3D (bio)printing as a novel technology
  4. Perform a lifecycleassessment (LCA) of biocomposites

One of the main research areas in this project is the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources by emphasising the utilization of agroindustrial residues in selfsustainable biorefineries. Such objectives require a good and coordinated cooperation between key European and Latin American research institutions, and close contact with relevant industry, which is established in the ValBio3D project.