Transnational cooperation for development of a solution for saving energy and water in small near coast facilities using simple devices harnessing the ocean energy.

Publishable summary: 

The proposal consists in the utilization of temperature and waves of seawater for desalination and refrigeration use of small facilities near coast. For this, we combine the use the three technologies: (i) the use of WEC (Wave Energy Converters) that obtain energy of waves and that we use for pumping colder seawater of deeper layers, (ii) the use of this cold water from the sea for refrigeration with SWAC (Seawater Air Conditioning) technology and, (iii) the use of gradient of temperature between colder pumping water and the heated water by means SWAC for their use in a desalination technology (COOL STEAM, a Lowtemperature thermal desalination method). Another possibility that we explore in the project is the use of WEC technologies to provide energy for deaireation and warmer shallow waters pumping in the process of seawater evaporation of COOLSTEAM using a floating pipeline collector facility arranged on the marine surface.