Solar hybrid translucent component for thermal energy storage in buildings

Publishable summary: 

The SOlar hybrid TRanslucent component for thermal ENergy storage in buildings project (SOLTREN) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary research project involving two European partners: Lodz University of Technology (TUL) in Poland and Institute of Physical Energetics (IPE) and two Latin America partners: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) and the Universidad Nacional de Salta (INENCO). The project duration is 36 months divided into 5 work packages.

The project is devoted to develop new type of glazing unit modified by phase change material to improve thermos-physical characteristics of window component as an effective and unique type of solar thermal energy storage system. Operationally, the execution of the project is divided into three phases: material study (9 months), numerical modeling (12 months) and experimental investigation (21 months). The innovative character of the project arises due to the following research and technological challenges which were identified in the proposal and considered to be investigated during project execution. The project and its results can be used as demonstration models or pilot experiences to be implemented in other European or Latin America countries with similar climatic conditions.

The project identifies, test and implement innovative ways to promote energy efficiency in buildings and foster technologies that are ecologically friendly, economically sensible and feasible for implementation, encouraging more sustainable energy use.