Efficient energy management in industrial microgrids with high penetration of PV technology

Publishable summary: 

The main objective of this proposal is the introduction of innovative solutions to the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial environments. To this end, electronically coupled electrical microgrids with high penetration of PV technology and energy storage systems will be studied, designed and deployed. Until today, different architectures of electrical microgrids for small and medium-sized industries have been analysed. Special attention has been given to the dimensioning of micro-grid components, including PV installations and energy storage devices. The communication system has also been analysed and, in particular, the impact of communication properties (such as delays, packet loss …) on the microgrid operation has been evaluated. These studies have led to the development of control and management tools to operate industrial microgrids in both grid-connected and islanded modes, thus facilitating the exploitation of local PV production and storage capacity. The smooth transition between these operating modes has been achieved with the use of a communication-based phaselocked loop (comm-PLL). From now on, the tasks of the project will focus on applying the concept of zero net energy in industries and, specifically, in the powering of heating and cooling industrial processes by means of solar technologies in factories buildings and offices. In addition, other tasks of the project will focus on improving the power quality in industrial microgrids with zerocarbon energy systems. The most significant impact is expected in the reduction of amplitude deviations, voltage unbalance and harmonics. The benefits of the expected results will facilitate the resolution of problems related to energy efficiency in small and medium-sized industries. The improvements will have a positive impact on energy costs and reliability. The advanced solutions could be extended in future projects to solve social problems in commercial and residential urban areas. The application to rural areas is also a topic of great interest. More information on this project can be found on the website www.industrialmicrogrid.org. A public area is devoted in the website to dissemination purposes. In this area, the results and advances are described in a language accessible to non-expert readers.