EURAXESS LAC interviews Dr. Fernando Amestoy, Coordinator of the CELAC Research Infrastructures Group

EURAXESS LAC interviews Fernando Amestoy, Coordinador of the CELAC Research Infrastructures Group
Monday, 21 October 2019

The interview has been published in the EURAXESS LAC Quarterly Newsletter Issue 3 2019.

Dr. Amestoy explains the concept of the EU-LAC Research Area, intensified since 2015, and the focus on three strategic pillars: mobility of researchers, access to research infrastructures and joint solutions for shared global challenges.

He also mentions the EU-LAC working group on research infrastructures, created  at the VI meeting of STI high delegates (EU-LAC SOM, Brussels 2017), and how it is intended to look for the best use of research infrastructures and the mutual openess between both regions. As coordinator of the CELAC group he emphasizes too  the intra-LAC relations.