Online workshop: Driving Urban Transition towards Sustainable Futures

28/06/2021 - 10:00 to 14:00

JPI Urban Europe, together with the ENRICH in LAC project, invites (urban) LAC stakeholders to participate in the online workshop  Driving Urban Transition towards Sustainable Futures, taking place on June, 28.

Driving Urban Transitions, (DUT) is one of the candidates to be a public partnership (between Member States and the European Commission) in Horizon Europe, and it will build upon the achievements of JPI Urban Europe . As sustainable urbanization is a global issue, with global policy references, international cooperation plays an important role in DUT.

As a preparation for the future internationalisation activities, LAC experts are invited to this workshop to bring in their perspectives, experiences and knowledge. The aim is to identify critical fields for action on urban transitions which have the potential to be addressed jointly. Your participation and input will help shaping upcoming outreach activities to Latin America and the Caribbean and will be used for organise upcoming activities, and as a basis for discussions with agencies, ministries and other organisations for future cooperation opportunities.

The aims of the workshop are:

  • Identify the most pressing issues, challenges and dilemmas connected to the three pillars of Driving Urban Transitions in Latin American and Caribbean countries
  • Identify access points to jointly address those issues, challenges and dilemmas in cooperation schemes
  • Exchange on opportunities for international stakeholders to continue the dialogue and engage in the partnership

More information:
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